Art courtesy of Axepuff on Twitter

Paultin Seppa is a player character by Nathan Sharp. He is a human bard. He is almost never sober and when he is, he complains that he needs a drink. He plays the bagpipes, lute, and castanets, and will sing very rarely.

Personality Edit

Paultin tends to be very reserved, and doesn't tend to take things seriously. While he doesn't express emotions in a manner one might say is beneficial to anyone, he tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve and is very vocal (often getting himself into trouble with his sharp tongue). It's common for him to drink himself into a drunken sleep or to respond with one-word answers.

Background Edit

The majority of Paultin's backstory is carefully guarded by Nate Sharp or Chris Perkins. What we do know is very limited: Van Richten killed his entire family via zombie horde when Paultin was a child, leaving the young boy traumatized. Somehow, he managed to find his way out of Barovia and forgot his Vistani heritage until much later.

Magic Items Edit

  • Eyes of Charming
  • Sunsword

Trivia Edit

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