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Evelyn Avalona Helvig Marthain is a player character by Anna Prosser Robinson. She is a human paladin of Lathander, the Morning Lord, and she has a pet mouse named Juniper.

Personality Edit

Evelyn is a happy go-lucky person, who absolutely loves to share the wisdom of her deity with everybody. Her optimistic personality often annoys the rest of the group, especially Strix. Evelyn considers the Tiefling one of her best friends, respects and defers to Diath's wisdom, and is a big fan of Paultin's musical abilities, flirting with him at times. Evelyn has proven herself very reliable in combat and, to the annoyance of the group, can be overeager to enter a fight flying with her Winged Boots, wielding her sacred battleaxe Lightfall.

Trivia Edit

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