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Diath Woodrow is a player character by Jared Knabenbauer. He is a Human Rogue, and he thinks of himself as a treasure hunter, rather than a thief.

Personality Edit

Diath is a composed and calculated individual, comfortable serving as a leader to his friends. He is often quiet, at times speaking only when it is pragmatic, and he is always alert to signs of danger. He cares deeply for his friends and has made immeasurable sacrifices for them over the course of their adventures.

Background Edit

He was born in Waterdeep to a hard-working middle class family. When he was young, however, his family home was burglarized, and he had to resort to working odd jobs or begging in the streets to help his family get by. While begging in the streets of Waterdeep one day, a cloaked man dropped a mysterious ring of keys in his hands, and Diath has kept this key ring on him ever since.

He eventually turned to adventuring as his main source of income. He believes that the stories and experiences he gains from his adventures are more valuable than any amount of gold or gemstones.

Special Possessions Edit

  • Diath still holds on to the ring of keys he received as a child, and has used it once to open the Tome of Strahd in the Amber Temple.
  • He was given a magical stone of good luck as a gift by a young halfling girl as a sign of appreciation for saving her. It is referred to as the "Butt Stone" by everyone but Diath.
  • Diath has received a peculiar sword with the word "Gutter" etched into the blade, a keyhole in the hilt, and an intricate pommel depicting a fox clutching a red jewel in its jaw. When he inserts one of the keys from his mysterious key ring, an arcanoloth named Shemeska is summoned and will answer three of his questions. The sword was made for a member of his family generations ago.

Trivia Edit

  • Diath's Official Character Sheet from the beginning of Dice, Camera, Action!
  • Jared has used Diath Woodrow as a character in numerous D&D campaigns prior to the start of Dice, Camera, Action!
  • Jared has written a piece concerning Diath's thoughts during the events of Episode 58.

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